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Losing track of where you are aiming after moving your head with the Ka-60
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The issue here is that when you move your head up or down when using first person mode, you will lose track of where your sights were aiming at.


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Use first person mode, have a bind that makes it possible to move your head up and down

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This also applies to the attack version of the little bird

I don't understand. If you recenter your view it goes back to being dead on.

Yes, the KA60 needs AT LEAST a static boresight crosshair. If the engine allowed it, a boresight cross that was projected on the HMTS when the hud was overlapping the boresight would be great. Even better would be a CCIP but that's probably both outside the capability of the current engine and might effect balance adversely. This is a particular problem if you use TIR.

Edit: The MH-9 is not effected by this.

@Gorbachev the method I use and mean here is not when you press or double tab alt, I have head movement binded to my joystick and it cannot be recentered

I see. As a last resort, one could bind "Center View" to a button on your joystick. I believe it is Numpad 5 by default.