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Character randomly walking/running stuttering
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it's hard to describe, but today i got some issues with my char running, i have mapped my spacebar to turbo and the usual wasd to movement forward, strafe left, right and back, after like 200 meters the char started to walk (with weapon pointed in front) i was still able to move, but i could not run properly
happened twice today, it was ok yesterday :/


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I had the exact same problems kinda often. After walking for 300m or so my charcters pace is reduced drastically. If I press "shift" for sprinting my character sprints the usual 150m and then starts to move very slow again if I release "shift" then he starts to run again for a few meters, then goes very slow again and when "shift" is pressed he walks (not sprints - because hes exhausted from the first sprint) at a normal pace - this stuttering goes on until I use a vehicle (or of course die).

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Don't you guys press C (for Combat pace) or don't you press W and S together (W+S toggles walk/run)?

Unable to reproduce in the latest dev build.

Since this ticket is very old and has not recieved any attention for a long time, I'll go ahead and close it. If the issue is still reproducable for you, please create a new ticket.