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Laser range adjustement (Firing Control System) for mounted weapons.
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Could we introduce laser range adjustement for mounted weapons such as these mounted on HMG and GMG vehicles. it would be a much better system than the current page up/down adjustement.

a laser range finder have a precision graduation of one meter, compared to the 100 meters scale of the current page up/down system.

basically it would be the same feature introduced by ACE 2 for arma 2.

how it work :

  1. you press tab-key one time to turn ON the laser range adjustement (you see 0000, meaning the range is not set yet.)
  2. you aim somewhere and you press tab key a second time to memorize the range. (the gun auto-adjusting to the lasered range)
  3. you shot.

like IRL, the laser need 4 seconds to be available again for a new range adjustment.

here is a video showing the system :


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I don't like the idea of "auto-range-aiming" like you've described it, but it could be a nice idea to create a "measuring-system" which can be attached on the weapon and will give you the range you're aiming at. zeroing should be IMO still manual.

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the "measuring system" is already present in the CROWS turrets (HMG and GMG).

what I ask for is that the guns zeroing to be synchronised with this range finder.

IRL all the remote controlled turrets and modern MBT main guns use laser range adjustement system. (and i'm talking about today vehicles, so it would be insane to not have it on futuristic vehicles)

Manual page up/down is too inaccurate and unrealistic for these kind of weapons.

the page up/down system is only good for iron sighted weapons, where the shooter must manually adjust the sight graduation.

ACE 2 mod made the perfect changes to the vanila arma 2.

these improvements should be natively implemented (at last) into arma 3.

Voted up, although I have mixed feelings about it...
It would be OK only if moderately implemented, i.e. only as an optional module, and with some sort of delay on auto-adjusting aim inclination.

While it's an A3-canon logical feature (what with everything becoming more and more computer-assisted/automatised), gameplay-wise this could easily make turrets overpowered by allowing spamming zero-adjust-then-shoot. So I would say definitely not implemented on vanilla vehicles (the Ifrit GMG is already like a fast moving Shilka... AND with thermal vision).

Sounds simple enough to script in though, so why not.

12inchPlasticToy wrote : "with some sort of delay on auto-adjusting aim inclination."

this is already the case for ACE 2 mod, where the laser range finder need several seconds to be available again for another range adjustement.

Arma 3 alpha already has a laser range finder for GMG/HMG but In real life this range finder is coupled with a ballistic computer auto-adjusting the weapon.

In real life a remote controlled weapon such as CROWS (M151 Protector) DOESN'T use rudimentary 100m scale zeroing (equivalent to page up/down).

Laser rangefinder can be detected, so sometimes it's better to use manual zeroing. I'd prefer to have both methods. It was in Arrowhead already.

Ifrit is excellent. A car like that isn't designed to look cool on the battlefield, but to be as much effective as possible.

CROWS turrets should be gyro-stabilized also.

remote controlled weapon such as CROW use ballistic computer necessitating a laser range finder. these weapon are NEVER used with manual 100m range scale adjustement, it doesn't simply exist IRL.

laser range adjustement not only concern remote controlled turret, but also all modern MBT main gun.

This ticket is related to: Make more enchanced rangefinders Modernize vehicle gunnery

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Indeed, the laser should be possible to detect if it is pointed towards a vehicle that has detection systems, so sometimes it would be better to manually change range scale.

Laser firing control system is also needed for Attack helicopter.

when the helicopter gunner enable his laser designator the auto-cannon gun (20mm on Blackfoot/30mm on Kajman) should be automatically zeroed to the appropriate targeted range, in real time.