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Unable to eject from helicopters at low speeds/altitude
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Crew cannot eject/jump out from helicopters at low speeds and/or altitudes, particularly over water were ejecting at a low altitude would allow the crew to survive


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Enter helicopter pilot seat, fly over water, hover at low alt of 2-3m, note no option to 'eject' is given, even if the engine is off or helicopter is crashing into the water.

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I think that Eject is disabled on purpose, there are no Parachutes in the game as of now and when you eject yourself with script it throws an error that parachute class is missing and sometimes even crashes the game.

the eject option is probably disabled because 1. no pilot in his right mind will abandon his helicopter (unless it was an emergency which in that case go ahead) and 2. there is no option to eject a helicopter in real life (except for a handful)

i can understand if a passenger could "Jump out" if you were at an altitude of say 4-5 meters max and going at a speed less then 10 km/h


I am referring to 'Jump out', it's just always been labeled on the Action menu as 'Eject', mods have changed it to Jump out in the past though.

digging around i found this in the config editor within the mission editor, it seems the setting "driverCanEject" and "cargoCanEject" are set to 0...
configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> "AH9_Base_F" >> "driverCanEject", i'm just not savy enough yet to know how to change that. any ideas?

I noticed this too, also, when I was shot down, crash landed in the ocean... I was unable to 'get out' or 'eject' and went down with the... bird

Dupe of #0001283.