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Hand grenades explodeing 6 inches from a players face does not kill them
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the hand grenades seem to not deal appropriate damage if they are in extremely close proximity to a character, e.i. standing directly on top of a grenade, laying prone on top of a grenade, or laying prone with a grenade inches from your face all do not kill.

i can understand not being instantly killed by frag from a few feet or meters, but being able to lay on top of one or wear it like a pair of sunglasses and being able to walk away is absurd.


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throw a grenade at your feet, stand on it, lay on it, give it a kiss, pick your poison, you'll walk away with no more than a scrape.

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Grenades are really, really weak. By comparison, any other explosive is liable to kill you even if you have a sturdy structure between you and the blast.
Hand grenades and 40mm grenades are both ridiculously easy to survive.

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It's problem with explosives (mines at least) in general, tens of tickets about the same issue can be found with search.

well i filtered for tickets involving grenades and didnt see anything of the sort

I have noticed this too and am finding grenades quite useless and annoying to.

i must say though that i have found it to be more random then consistent, i mean one time i through a grenade within two feet of an enemy and he didn't die but then a similar occurrence happened and the enemy was killed.

Dupe of #656.