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Moving tactical stance problem
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When walking we can press "C" to go into a tactical stance where we have our weapon drawn and we can shoot "from the hip".

We can also use the main stance button "X" for crouch/stand while using the tactical stance on the move. However i noticed that when in one of the three standing stances we can no longer use "X" to go to crouch and back to standing during tactical stance "C" is used and we are on the move.

To give you an idea look at "Steps To Reproduce".


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At the start of the game we are usually in the middle of the standing stances so begin by pressing ctrl+W to stand up fully straight (top stance). Then ctrl+S two times to go to the lowest standing stance (just before high crouch).

Now move "W" and press "C" to go into tactical stance with your weapon drawn. Press "X" (main stance button for crouch/stand) and you will notice you can only go down, but not up again during movement. If you stop you can go up and down as you please however.

Now stop and ctrl+W up one step (middle standing stance) and go into tactical stance "C" while moving again, and you will be able to crouch/stand "X" properly again.

I dont think this intentonal, but missed alpha style.

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With so low votes I guess people don't understand what I meant. This is a big problem atm. Would like to make a video but I cant for now.

I try to explain again:

*When standing you can press "X" to crouch and get back to standing at will.
*When moving you can still do this without problem at will back and forth.
*When you press "C" with weapon drawn and moving you get into a nasty problem:
-You wont be able to move and stand/crouch at will if you are in any other custom stances than standard (middle) standing stance that you start the game in.

If you from start press CTRL+W or CTRL+S to go to high standing stance or low standing stance you will only be able to go to crouch when moving in tactical "C" stance, but you wont be able to come up again while moving tactically no matter how much you slam the "X" button. You have to stop moving to be able to stand again right now unless you are in the middle (standard) standing stance.

This means that if you are behind a cover and try to look over something and press CTRL+W to stand tallest to see over that cover and then need to start moving you will always have to remember to go down to middle standing stance again to use the tactical movement feature.

It should always be possible to crouch/stand while moving tactically ("C" pressed while moving) from any standing/crouching position.

PS. if its still unclear I shall try to get someone to record a video of this bug. DS.

Fixed in the development build.

Cheers BIS.

I still have this issue in 0.55.103960.
Can't go from low crouch to low stand or from high crouch to high stand by pressing X while moving in Combat pace (C).
(No mods, Game Files Cache verified via Steam).

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I don't think it's fixed,
I don;t know if I understand correctly what the ticket is about
but we can not use (I still can not even in dev build) the stance modifier
while walking, we have to stop and then change stance.

It should be that you can always change your stance with the stance modifier
even while walking or jogging, maybe just not while sprinting.

See also #7120.
The combination of Combat pace and Adjusted stance breaks the X key functionality while moving.

Alex72 added a comment.Jun 5 2013, 7:35 PM

Indeed it is not fixed anymore.

Another problem came as well. Go into tactical "C" and move. And while doing that press right mouse button to aim while walking. Now you don't bring the aim up anymore but instead move the weapon closer to the face but with a close run animation (weapon almost in face).

So 2 things broken now.

  1. Cant use "X" to crouch/stand while moving in tactical "C" with highest or lowest standing stance.
  2. While moving with tactical "C" we cant aim with "right mouse button".

Both worked at first with the early builds.

I can confirm that crouch toggle in combat mode only goes down and not up, but not the aiming issue that Alex72 reports.

Version: 0.61.106113

Can anyone reproduce it?

Cannot reproduce on Stable Branch. I haven't tested on [DEV].