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Major grapical problem(little red particals)
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when starting up alpha the screen is filled with little red particals,when in the game the particals subside to around a oval(im not sure if this is just my computer acting up,I would like some feedback if this is an issue on my end) {F17559} {F17560} {F17561} {F17562} {F17563} {F17564} {F17565} {F17566}


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seem to only happen to me.

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I also have more pictures if need be.

I have now eliminated the option of it being a problem with my monitor as I have tested it on external devices(other monitors and tvs and such)and the problem exists.I have narrowed it down to me just having a crappy grapics card(Intel HD grapics I think is what my computer calls itO_o)however if this was the case I would belive steam would not show the red particals in the pictures as it does not take a picture outside the screen but just shows it how it should be.I am now waiting for any suggtions to fix this problem from the coummuity:)

Intel HD ?
Are you using a Mobo integrated graphical chipset ? O_O

sed101 added a comment.Apr 4 2013, 2:53 PM

if you mean the one it came with then yes(and dont bother asking about my other might cry-_-)

That is certainly the problem there

I can see your reasoning there but my brother also has Intel HD and stock chipset and his runs just fine so it doesnt make sense to me why it is acting up and of all of things that could be happing why just red pixals/particals populating my screen.

Just to make sure, follow these steps:

  • Go into "C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\ArmA3 Alpha"
  • Move (don't delete, better to keep log files) all the rpt, bdmp, mdmp files somewhere safe (you can also make a folder in this directory)
  • Start ArmA3 as usual and wait for the problem to occour
  • Close the game
  • Go back in the path of 1st step and save all the files that have been created
  • Attach them here (better in a rar or zip) along with a dxdiag

I have the exact same issue. I have narrowed down the issue to be 2 causes; a glitch and a lack of compensation from small cooling units. I would like to assure you that you are not alone and this is a pretty big issue even with people who have good computers.
I will state upfront that I am using a pc, however it is a top quality Windows 7 PC with intel core I5 processor. I am able to play Arma 2 OA and RE just fine on mid high settings and have had a great experience with it, but I do know that in the past I have had some overheats because my laptop only has a single cooling fan.
In Arma 3 I can tell my computer is warming up as if I play Arma 2 however behind the red fuzz I see a great looking game that is running on mid-low settings and is very smooth except for the screen itself. I found that before I encountered this red screen error I was getting a graphics processor crash error until I did the game start command fix which did make it work, so I will acknowledge it could be due to a weak processor.
If I play for about half an hour straight I find the majority of the red static particles seem to go away over time, or a small oval of clarity form in the center of my screen where there is little to no static almost as if I have a flashlight pointing right in-front of me clearing the static.
However unless the issue is because of my laptops actual screen itself it simply cannot be totally due to lack of compensation from my computers mechanics as Arma 3 runs smoothly in the background and I have no problem navigating menus, running around in a red static world, shooting, using any commands or hearing any audio.
Im not a tech wiz but I do believe the issue is also partially due to the over estimated specs of the users of Arma 3, therefore it does not allow for downgrading or lowering of specs onto lower processing units. Even though the game states it is compatible with i5 I can bet you the majority of the time they did not expect anyone to run i5 with this game anyways. The only way I forsee that this issue can be fixed is if more enhanced video settings are made to allow people to disable many of the fine features of Arma 3 and allow for more compatibility with an i5 processor as it seems they only tested very high end computers running an i5 processor and focused on i7+

I probably did not make a lot of sense above but I hope I shed some light on some of your confusion as I do believe I might have determined the issue with my minimal knowledge in this area. If your having the graphics processor crash error do the following.

  1. In steam: Go to Arma 3 properties.
  2. In set launch options do -nobenchmark clear any other launch options you might have.
  3. Exit steam and re enter by running steam as an Administrator.
  4. Run Arma 3 windowed and wait a few minutes and it should work, but then you will face the second issue of the red static screen.

If it says Arma 3 is already running do ctrl+alt+delete and open task manager and from there in processes end arma3

I have uploaded some screenshots in-game to show the game still runs but you can see that the red static makes it unbearable. Also since I found that most people are calling the issue red static I added some tags along those lines and will refer to it to red static.

I made my screen bigger for the pictures. Normally I run it in the smallest setting or just do it full screen.

I have also added my graphics specs for record which are supported by Arma 3.

Also I think the priority should be upgraded from high to urgent. People who are complaining about FPS drops at airports, while it does reduce quality and should eventually be taken in to consideration, is not nearly as urgent as people who have red static as their entire screen game.

I have this problem to but its probably cause of my cheap laptop but I did play arma 1 and 2 on this same laptop. Your lucky your game clears up a bit is just a red static wall with yellow and pink lines.

@sed101 Your graphic card does not meet minimum system requirements. Intel HD graphics 4000 goes with latest i5 and most of i7 processors but not with i3.

All of the png images and the graphics txt belongs to my situation. Sed's is the jog and the arma files.
I have an intel i5 processor but is it too low for arma 3 standards? All the specs came straight from my computers intel processor panel.

I meant to say jpg not jog to clear it up the top image on the list of files.

@JonDoe101 Could you please add DXdiag? from graphics.txt I can't actually tell what intel HD series you have. Although it is supported i highly recommend use of external(PCI-e 16x) ATI or Nvidia graphics to get best out of ArmA.

Thank you all for this useful feedback,im assumeing now that my computer is the problem and the fix is to upgrade.thank you very much everyone.

I'll get the dirrect x diagnostic up soon. As you told to do with Sed should I attatch my alpha files in a zip archive?

I have uploaded my Direct X Diagnostic dxdiag.txt in the attached files showing the content doesn't seem to work so just download it to see it.

@JonDoe101 I'm still unable to recognize if your graphics card does meet minimum system requirements. It will most likely be just under the bar, but to be sure can you check it by using this site?

The adapter type is just Intel(R) HD Graphics ill list some other specs as well.

Chip Type: Intel(R) HD Graphics (Core i5)
DAC Type: Internal
Adapter String: Intel(R) HD Graphics
Bios Information: Intel Video BIOS
Total Available Graphics Memory: 1696 MB
Dedicated Video Memory: 64 MB
System Video Memory: 0 MB
Shared System Memory: 1632 MB

Colors: True 32 Bit
Screen Refresh Rate: 60 Hertz
Display: Built in Display
Rotation: Rotate to Normal
Scaling: Maintain Display Scaling
Resolution: 1366x768 Pixels
Display: 1. Mobile PC Display
Orientation: Landscape
Color Depth: 32 Bit
Brightness: 0.0
Contrast: 50.0
Gamma: 1.0
Hue: 0.0
Saturation: 0.0
Power Plan: Balanced
3D Optimization: Balanced

Most of the lower things I listed are just settings not actual specs so they can be changed if needed. Everything up until the dash are specs from the advanced resolutions settings, the rest are actual settings that can be changed.

I'm afraid that your integrated graphics core does not meet minimum system requirements. I would recommend to upgrade your laptop to something with actual graphic card(not CPU integrated).

Is there no way to minimalize the settings to make them compatible with lower end but still processable computers? As beautiful as Arma 3 is I play most of my pc games for the game itself not necessarily the top notch graphics as I have done so with previous arma games.

Unfortunately not, there is minimum system requirements for new features that weren't in previous games.

Is there a way to disable some of these settings like motion blur, shadowing etc? A more powerful graphics control panel is what I think could be the solution for this, which can allow modifications for low end computers.

Unfortunately that is not possible, it would take time and resources we need somewhere else to make the game running.

So the issue seems to be mainly derived from my lower end graphics processor?

This issue is caused by insufficient integrated graphic card processor power (eg. GPU) as integrated GPU tends to be lower on power than even mobile GPU(Nvidia mobility etc.)

Do you have any suggestions or ways that could relive this or custom edits I could make to somewhat downgrade Arma's graphics?

Would it be worth my time to make a new report suggestion more integrated and advanced video settings be made or would it be low on priority until something like Beta would be released?

I am going to try playing the game on my other pc which is a windows vista it's higher end I'll post a specs report to see if it is ideal.

Current settings will most likely stay as they are right now up until latest release build is made. After that it is up to higher ups to decide if it is something worth doing or not.