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The fire effect
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Sadly the fire effects are not very satisfying.

If you look at this:

You can see that the fire effects basically are made out of cyrcle formed textures.
Also the flames are coming out of the middle of the wreck.

in reality they would be all spread over the vehicle.

Here you can see how fire is done really well.

I am sure BIS is able to achieve sth like this too!

The main problem seems to be the flames texture and the the form of the textures. There could be made much improvements with alpha masks and proper positioning of the flames and smoke.

Also a redesign of the smoke textures seems to be important too.

As allways I am glad to help! So if you give me a way to mix them up myself I am pretty sure I can deliver you a good example

Best regards!


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light a fire

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Version 0.5.102571

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Also, the light from the fire should reach farther away on the ground and should move and flicker.

and if there is flammable stuff nearby the fire should spread to it, say if it hits an ammo dump then all the ammo cooks off, or starts a small forest fire.

Trees should burn when near to an explosion or fire.

Smokey the Bear should make appearances throughout the map!

We should be able to pour trails of gasoline and write our names in FIRE!

How about some Molotov cocktails?

C'mon Devs, recreate reality already! I want the Matrix!

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Tube links above are private :/

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