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should be able to eject from aircraft at any attitude
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In arma 2 you could eject from a vehicle, aircraft included when ever ypou want , currently only ground vehicles have this in 3, the MH-9 and Ka-60 can both support para drop, now its fine if one has to equip a parachute first or they fall and die, but you should be able but eject either way

I envision HALO (high altitude low opening) jumping dive teams from MH-9s and Ka-60s


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there should be a way of jumping out at altitude if theres a way of you doing it without dieing otherwise i dont think you should be aloud to just get out of the chopper atleast when certant perameters are in effect such as airspeed and height from the ground(ie if you jump without a chute will you die or just need a medic)... i like the double tap V its a good idea still kinda glitchy though on the responce

Duplicate ticket.

This is also said to be fixed in the beta.