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Major performance problem with destroyed/damaged buildings
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As time wears on with more damage to a building, it starts to flicker and glitch out. Normally this isnt an issue immediately, but as time wears on and staying within sight of the flickering destroyed/damaged building, the game starts to lag down. {F17540}


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Damage building until texture flickering occurs, usually destroyed or near-destroyed
  • wait in the general area
  • see performance slowly degrade over time
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Exacerbated in MP more than SP.

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I also noticed the flickering, but never stuck around long enough to notice performance degradation.

Pretty sure the texture flickering is due to the game rendering more then one model at a time which the engine fights about which texture is ontop (texture clipping). Voted this up as it is a bad performance issue over time and the more damaged buildings there are in view the worse and faster it will get worse.

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