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Red Ring on map visible even on harder difficultys
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hello, i would like to be able to turn off the red ring on the map, showing me within what area i am.

because of the reason, when doing orientation, without nothing but a clock/compass/map, and a random spawn location, i would like to not being able to see where i am at all on the map. (there is enough of terrain features to let me locate my location fast anyways) with all the antennas and stuff like that.


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remove your GPS = no red ring

well, if i had a gps to remove, but i dont, so red ring without gps xD

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That might be included in a mission's scripting, not BI's. Wait for an official statement from either the mission creators or a developer though.

Yeah should be linked to the GPS, but as it is now it shows even without it :(


Remove the ring even with GPS at least on Veteran. I am capable of spending additional 0.5 secs peeking at coordinates on GPS

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Keep ring on Veteran if GPS is present, but have option to disable it in difficulty settings, as per this ticket:

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