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Extremely low fps issues
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I have tested, when playing single player, the FPS is good (high 60s, with settings on ultra and even higher with settings on low) when joining multi-player servers with good ping (below 50ms) the game is still smooth and fin, BUT, when joining a multi-player session with high ping ( above 200ms to 300ms and above), The FPS drops dramatically, I've tested, with settings on ultra, the average FPS is from 15 and below, but here's the weird thing, when settings are turned to LOW, the fps remains the SAME, below 15 FPS, NO CHANGE, Both tests were done on servers with high amounts of players (50+). Therefore there is an issue with low FPS caused by bad ping (150 and above).


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Simply join a server with low ping (50 ms) and a server with high ping (200 ms plus), and the changes should be obvious

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Note. i have done some other tests, overclocking my computer (CPU and GPU), ( i have 8 gigs ram, ATI Radeon 6870, and an AMD 3.2 GHz OCTA-core, so i have a resonably good system), and have checked the game data with steam. none of the above have any affect what so ever on the FPS issues

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Semi-Unrelated CPU-Based Reference:

UPDATED: References aren't directly related to stated issue, but may play a role. See below post.

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no crackman, wrong reference, this has nothing to do with bad cpu usage, it's an issue arma had ages ago and still has

bad server performance resulting in bad player performance

the only thing to counter this is having a server that can handle the amount of players you are allowing without stressing the server

all playercount, cars/npcs in the multiplayers session and scripts as well as ping result in fewer frames per second for clients

there is a much bigger post on this afaik, just can't find it anymore

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Duplicate of #1264