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Too easy to spot enemies on long range compared with short range,
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I've noticed that compared with arma2 I'm able to spot enemies on hills too easily, however. on close combat in the wild, the vegetation makes it a lot harder to see at medium range, some kind of visual and camouflage balance should be implemented {F17529} {F17530} {F17531} {F17532}


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Yeah, but imagine having 2km of grass draw distance in 360°, now THAT will teach your framerate to go beyond 5 FPS!

I would agree... this is a recurring issue with this series.

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If human visual acuity were accuratly represented than objects "too far away" would semply blend in with environment. If you look at a hill side 10 miles away do you see grass and trees, no, you see greens and browns, you would only see the finer details if optics were used and only THAN would they need to be generated and put a load on processors.

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Perhaps they should do what they did in arma 2 which was even when the grass wasnt rendered when someone was far away a person crawling was still half in the ground from your perspective?

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Yea, that seems like a quick fix but if they cant implement anything better by release than that would be a move in the right direction at least.

Speaking from real life experience, it's not that hard to spot a standing or walking person from several hundreds meters afar, even if the spotted person wears camouflage. It just depends on the light, surroundings and background. Spotting someone lying down on the ground is another matter. Ten meters could be too far with plain camouflage uniform and a bit of grass and leaves attached here and there (not a ghillie suit).

Arma 2 solution to the problem was a step in the right direction, which could be improved by adding a bit of blur and/or transparency to the lying person, just to make it stand out less from the background, when wieved with a naked eye. When wieved through the optics, the effects would be removed and grass added only to the FOV of the optics, to keep framerates intact.

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Related to #3505
(highest voted ticket suggesting new method of rendering grass at distance)

This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

I've uploaded two screens. They show, that it's not that easy to spot enemy at 200m, if the lighting and the background is just right. This works exactly as in reality. After the shooting started, they were running and were easy to find, even against the brown ground. At the same time, guys standing farther, but on a wrong terrain, are clearly visible even with naked eye.

Expecting, that a person standing 500m away on a well lit hill, will be invisible, is against real experience. There is a matter of matching the camouflage to the terrain, shadow on the ground and self-shadow, light reflections, type and properties of the background, plus a few other things not simulated in Arma. Only if at least the majority of these factors fits perfectly, the camouflaged object evades detection. It's not invisible by any account - it just blends in, by not attracting the eye. With that in mind, I see a big improvement, compared to Arma2.

On the other hand, I had real trouble with finding the enemy on the same hill, when we were ambushed by marksmen lying still on the ground. I've pinpointed them only on two occassions: when my AI friend engaged with tracers and when the other marksman was running to change position. If not for that, I'd have to throw smoke and retreat behind the ridge. It was midday and strong sunlight was effectively masking muzzle flashes, OPFOR camo is really good (unfortunately, BLUFOR camo is another matter) and the current "grass" simulation was working as advertised. Distance was about 500m.

Having said that, there is still a room for improvement when optics are used and a proposition from another ticket, to render grass limited to scope's FOV, is just excellent.