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Lowered/idle M14 EBR, left hand doesn't hold foregrip
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Carrying the M14 EBR rifle and putting it into idle/lowered stance (i.e. activating the "raise weapon" thing) makes the character put his left hand on the front of the rifle (after a while of walking in the idle/lowered animation), placing it as if there wasn't a foregrip attached (which there is, so the foregrip clips through the hand) {F17528}


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Steps To Reproduce

1 Equip M14 EBR rifle
2 Use "Raise Weapon" (well, "lower" the weapon)
3 Walk continually for a bit, until the left hand is placed on the weapon

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Duplicate of #0002944

Actually, it's the other way around, this is (or well, should be) the original one, as it has the photo attached.

When I posted the other one, 0002944, I got an "error" saying the image filetype wasn't usable, so I didn't expect it to be posted (which I found out after I corrected the image filetype, which is added in this one)

  • Just for clarification, Irunongames :)
  • Also, noticed that the left forearm of the character sometimes contorts into a twisted, half-sized version, when the bug occurs