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Weapons Transitions Unrealistic/Too Slow
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Weapons transitions are painfully slow and unrealistic. Today everyone uses a single or double point sling and have their weapons slung in front making for fast transitions on the move.
This needs to be implemented in Arma. Countless times would in run out of ammo and need to switch to my secondary..... To stop in the middle of a fire fight to switch... Ultimately getting killed.


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Bohemia added a subscriber: Roytjb.Mar 8 2013, 8:28 PM

Currently, you can't even switch weapons while moving. It really seems like a relic of past games in the series and not in keeping with the improved control in Arma 3.

it is a good point but what i really dislike is the fact that you can't switch weapons or even reload while moving. It is really annoying when you have to change mags and you realize that you aren't behind the best cover so you try to move but you have to wait to reload or switch weapons.

it can only bring benefits and is a perfectly realistic idea.

Agreed, the character should just drop his weapon to hang in front of him.
Would mean redoing the whole animation, sure, but the current one is very old fashioned, wrong and the new one covers up the fact that the weapon in game doesn't actually have a sling attached.