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Light error in specific time
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when i set time to 21:15 Jul 6 2035 and place unit, use preview then its all dark.Cant see light from light house,street lamp lighton floor etc. If i using NV its all in normal {F17523}


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set time to 21:15 Jul 6 2035
place playable unit

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sry for my ENGLISH

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[my settings: high/very high]
Could reproduce, but I'd like to add some corrections to the original report:

I was able to get some light from:

  • The Hunter's lights. The intensity seems weaker than usual though (may not be true).
  • The ambient light at the top of the lighthouse (not the spot, the light that lighten the lighthouse top. Could not compare to the normal intensity.
  • Gunshots.

I was not able to see light from:

  • The environment lights(streetlights for example).
  • The lighthouse main light (the spot on the landscape).

Using the menu, you can barely see the landscape (while it is completely black otherwise).

The sky unlike the landscape is not completely black, and appears to be normal.

The light itself appear normally (a white sprite over the image, or in the case of the lighthouse the beams in the air).

This appears to be a problem before dawn and after sunset. This is on the same date around 2:45AM in the morning:

This is the same issue as issue 0003119.
Between 21:00 and 21:30 lighting gets kind of crazy.
All dynamic lights lose virtually all brightness. Even the moon stops throwing light.

Switching category.

It is also related to the date. The hours mentioned work on default editor day, 6th July 2035. Try 6th January 2035 and the "bugged hours" will switch to around 5am and 17:15.

Another thing: set clouds to 100% overcast and look at them through NVG. They are colliding with sky dome during the same hours, as the weird darkness appears.

Also, the compass, watch and red dot sights are impossible to see (they appear to be very or completely dimmed).