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AI Drivers run over friendlies
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AI does not care if there is a friendly unit front of them but instead drives over them mercilessly. {F17518} {F17519}


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A workaround could be to make the friendlies not to take damage only from friendly vehicles when run over.It wouldn't be ideal but at least you can have a squad in one piece and not worry that the friendly vehicle just run over 2-3 teammates.

This bug is still present in the alpha dev branch, i.e. beta.

AI vehicles will even deliberately change their course to drive over friendly units. This happens very often if both travel on the same road.
I attached a repro mission and a screenshot illustrating this issue.

Maybe the problem is caused by the AI trying to avoid the friendly unit on foot but confusing directions?

The funny stuff in all of this is I've seen the AI drivers trying to avoid the friendly units or simply stop when a soldier is in front.After awhile though they turn into maniacs(it's like they enter in rage mode) and don't care at all who's in front,back or near them.:)

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Issue closed as obsolete. If you encounter this problem again, please create another ticket. Thank you.