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Animation of the shots
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The animation of firearms shots does not cause the feeling of having reached the target, even with the option of active blood (or is supposed to be active), there's no sure at certain times that the target was hit (except in obvious situations where you run a point blank shot ). This can hinder confirmation snipers targets, for example.

Note: as the demonstration could only be on video, and the maximum capacity of the attachment size is 5MB, I could not attach anything to prove.


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I get it - it is true;

when you kill an enemy over 400m with a shot (EBR or MXM does the job), they fall down where they stand.

If you hit them, and just injure them, they slightly twitch, but sometimes dont even react if the shot came from too far away.

However, it is possible to see the bullets impact from farther away than in A2, but when it hits a Soldier, the response sometimes makes you wonder if you hit or not.

Thanks Helperman! I think some indicator in this direction would be feasible. Maybe blood, maybe the impact of the shot. Extrapolating the idea also can create variable depending on the weapon impact.

Note: the pistols even give any indication effect. I even didn't get any downs with it. It would be interesting developers verify that too.

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

+1 but more important than the animation is the reaction.
A bot with a bullet in his body will still 100% operational.
Someone who get shot in real life and who don't die will except for some lucky hit on some painless part, the guy will fall on the ground and cry like a baby, and if he don't die he will at least pass out if he get shoot on other part, when 10 hit enemy still 100% operational and keep shoot at us it can make the difference between life and death for us if they can be on a realistic way unable to fight.