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Driving over small objects
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When driving around some objects are small enough for you to get over, even though you shouldn't be able to.
For example driving really slowly at a crash barrier should stop you, not jolt your vehicle up and allow you over.


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Game Physics
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Outside Air station mike-26 place a vehicle such as a hunter. Drive slowly at the crash barrier on the road to the west. You will go over it, even though you shouldn't or it should become damaged

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Not a game breaking mechanic but in the interest of realism it would be nice if there was some form of "soft body physics reaction" or equivalent.

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All small objects are effected by this, for example driving 20kph into a wheelbarrow, should not render the wheelbarrow intact and the car destroyed.
Also with cones/small shrubs/small walls(which would be damaged under weight of car)/small signs/rocks(which is probably logical but it seems to behave weirdly).

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