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PROPOSAL: Add a "DELETE ALL KEY BINDINGS" for left-handed players
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I play left handed (left hand on the mouse) and so I use my right hand on the right side of the keyboard for everything. I have to essentially change every key binding but one and that means when I remap something to the right side, inevitably I then have to hunt down the conflict key somewhere else. Sometimes ArmA doesn't notify you that there even is a conflict.

By simply deleting all key bindings, you remove all conflicts and allow us to set our own configurations.


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I have to do exactly the same, and yes I am right handed but use the mouse with my left hand,

There was a time when this was standard practice, as with WASD you have very few buttons you can use with your little finger plus you cannot mouse look while at the same time using a joystick while at the same time making it easy to switch back to the keyboard instantly unless you have a wide desk and don’t mind your joystick or mouse mat being out of place.

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Not just for lefties; I play ESDF instead of WASD, and I run into the same problem with tons of conflicts.

Please specify your left-hand preset. We can add it in the game.

I would love to be able to clear all keybindings.
It's very tiresome to make new bindings when everything you map shows up red as being in conflict with something else and after a while you start to lose track of which things you just bound and which ones were by default.

Eventually some presets for lefties, QWES-ers, WADX-ers, SZXC-ers, ESDF-ers, RDFG-ers, IJKL-ers, ASDC-ers, SDF-spacers not to mention numpadders and keypadders (G13 and Nostromo) would be nice... and then there are wheels, joysticks, pedals...

Different presets can both help people get started sooner and open their eyes to new setups. With ARMA3 because of the massive binding capabilities I try to experiment such as putting all stances on one button by binding "Up" to Z and "toggle prone" to Ctrl+Z.
By the end of summer I can imagine my bindings having changed quite a bit… and that’s not even speaking about mouse bindings!

Described feature (emmpty key preset) has been added to the game.

Mass close.

Hi. Can someone please put the presets you use on a zip or something like that and put it in MEGA or Google Drive, for example, so I/anyone could download them? I'd really appreciate it! There are SO MANY keys to be set and as I'm new to the series (have the Arma 3 Apex), I've no idea of which ones are more important, so I don't need to use them or which ones do what I think they do, so if anyone could put the presets available, I'd really appreciate it! (and maybe not just me). Btw, I used to play with the arrow keys, but a few days ago I saw a person saying that he used IJKL so now that's what I use (after more than a decade I had to see someone saying to realize I've been dumb all this time with so few keys....). But any preset will do it. I can play with any keys (except the WASD and near which give no space for left-handed gamers). Thanks in advance!