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I can't change the keyboard layout to german
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Every time I fly a helicopter or viewing the controls in the 'Options' menu, I have an english keyboard layout. my keyboard is a german one, so I need a german layout, so Z is shown as Y and vice versa. Also I can't toggle the layout by pressing Alt + Shift. In every other game it works fine.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open Controls (Options > Controls) with a german keyboard.
  2. Look at Helicopter Movement
  3. You will see Collective raise is Q while Collective lower is Z. But on a german keyboarad it should be Y.

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same here. it uses english keyboard layout for chat etc. although i have a german keyboard.

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Problem is not the y and z but rather stuff like the ä and ö, which have whole different meanings in the options menu, for example sitting down

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Yeah, but I just took this as an exapmple.

ugh, must be painful to setup your key bindings like that D:


Not that I have the problem; but it also applies to other 'non-US' layouts.

And although it's not really a bug, I do think it would be a nice gesture to have several presets for different keyboard layouts.


Unable to reproduce in recent dev builds.