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player movement
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the movement can be refined a little more. really just adding or better yet, implementing the ability to hard stop would make things better. for example; in BF3, when you are in a run and pull up your sites, your character comes almost to a halt. In response to the argument that its not realistic; please handle a weapon and run a course then respond. It's due to the lack of realism in movement in arma that has always pushed me away. movement in life, when in full gear and weapon system; I have never had any issues moving around. This game should reflect that and surpass the "arcade" shooters out there.

words that describe how it feels in real life = Natural; dynamic; fluid; violent

these words should also describe how it feels in the game if it is in fact supposed to simulate real life. not; clunky, cumbersome, awkward.

Dont get me wrong; this is way better than how arma 2 felt. but it still needs work.


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The issues reported here are vague at best, but seem to be mostly covered by other tickets, for example #2791 and #833.