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Animals are named eg. "Tuna ON" and appear in unit list.
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Animals have the word ON after them which appears when looking at them using the action menu, etc. They also clutter up the list of nearby objects when commanding a squad, especially on the coast, where you have pages and pages of fish.


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Go to sea, look at a fish with the action or command menu open.

Also try pressing more in the target menu for pages of fish...

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Mildly annoying.

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They're supposed to be in the Target menu. Otherwise you can't target them.

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Isn't it "Tuna DN"?

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That's another thing actually, the font is very difficult to make a distinction between some letters like a capital I and lower case l. That needs to be fixed as you can see from OP O and D are the same.

Your resolution is too small for the chosen interface size. Increase your resolution or increase the interface size.

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Ah, thanks that worked. I couldn't make out the difference between I and an !. Now it looks more clear.

This was fixed recently.