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Speedboats on rough seas clip terribly.
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Almost half the boat (rear) can be submerged as it bounces through the waves at 100km/h... in real life it would either sink in this situation, or not actually be able to reach this speed without having already sunk.


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Go into mission editor, set the waves and wind to a significant level, drive a speedboat at max speed.

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Breaks immersion. The boat can't accurately be steered or fired from because it's moving erratically, however in reality it probably should have just sunk...

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I've found in 1st person it only happens with the rear gunner position.

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Indeed. If this is intended to be the final state of boats, they have a lot to learn about how they act in water. E.g. when moving forwards like that, the rear simply won't go underwater, it will stay on the surface. Overall, it seems like all the weight of the Assault boat is in the center, as opposed to being spread out evenly over the length of the boat, which is how boats are designed.

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