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Client-Side HUD options
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Ever since Arma 1, it bothered me a lot that the settings for HUD Infos are found under "difficulty", which is Server-Side.

I can see the point of enemy accuracy and stuff to be Server-Side, but the HUD needs to be tweakable nowadays.

Just look at the BF3 HUD and you know why I'll never play that one - it looks like a freaking lightshow going on, with all the glowing bars, Numbers, Indicators, and stuff.

We ARMA-holics dont need that, if we dont want to, but the current system forces us to use what the Server does.

Maybe I WANT a harder game by not seeing waypoints, squadmarkers and Weapon info constantly?

Everybody should be able to switch on what he wants, when it comes to such simple things as HUD options.


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Set all possible HUD Options to "Disabled" on all Difficulties Settings, and it only has effect on Editor/Hosted games, but Servers override them with the standard.

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Esp. important since people scream for a "Stance indicator".

I'm good enough to know when I crawl or when I stand without the use of an indicator.

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And another thing I forgot just now - IF the Server forces HARD Options, like NO crosshair and stuff, THAT should be overriding your Settings - so you cant cheat.

BUMP, nobody has any thinking on this? Does nobody understand what I mean?

Do you WANT a game where you cant see the actual gameplay because of all the Icons, Bars and Notifiers popping up? Shame.

WHY is there only 4 upvotes and supporters???

And WHY are the Devs not reading this!!!!!

The times of OFP and Arma 1 are over, CHANGE YOUR DAMN HUD SETTINGS so they are NOT SERVERSIDE, damn it, ffs!!!

It cant be that important things like HUD settings are ALWAYS AND STILL that limited, and found under "Difficulty Settings", which is SERVERSIDE!

I want to decide if I want firstperson, Waypoint info, weapon info, Crosshairs MYSELF.


But if its "Free To chose" (like many Servers would allow you to), let me decide!!!!

This. I need this. While I love all the options you have with the difficulty settings, at least some of them should not be touched by servers. There are features that really degrade my gaming experience and immersion.

Although it wouldn't make sense to *not* have servers control 3rd person view, for example.

i agree with this ticket. if i choose to have harder difficulty options than the server, i should be allowed to use my settings instead

very annoying when you cant see how much bullets you have in magazine, her eneed to shoot or reload <-make noice...

*And another thing I forgot just now - IF the Server forces HARD Options, like NO crosshair and stuff, THAT should be overriding your Settings - so you cant cheat.*

Having said that, the whole issue is practically solved.

And it is that way right now: Server decides for EVERYONE to have the SAME experience.
This also applies to the ingame content at all, when servers are checking signatures it is out of the very same approach to ensure an equal experience for all.

For me, the question of HUD settings in ArmA is a clear question of difficulty settings.

Not knowing how much ammo you have, which stance you are in, which direction the target is etc., simply means there is not much situational awareness or not much emphasis on it.

Yeah, I'd prefered some system so you have a "threshold" - you can set your own settings "harder than the server settings, but not easier", which would be so freaking awesome - if the Server says "Yeah you can turn off Crosshairs if you want"", or "NO you CAN NOT TURN THE CROSSHAIRS ON!", you know, CLIENTSIDE decisions, or Server forced. But having to play on Servers that decide EVERYTHING for you, pffft. What a mess. I want to customize my HUD MYSELF!

Just MOVE the HUD-Related stuff (Squad Info, Extended HUD, etc) to the Graphics menu, what is the fucking deal with that? And keep it so in the difficulty settings you can just DISABLE them.

Nobody should be forced to play WITH A CROSSHAIR, I'm not talking about cheating and allowing people to use Crosshairs etc. on a Veteran Server.

I mean, for example, somebody loves a recruit Server, but its getting to easy for him -> BOOM: Graphics Settings, CROSSHAIR OFF, completely new experience.

It's called HANDICAP, and it should be possible to determine if you want to play like a boss, or like the other sissys on the server.

Then again, my solution is - HUD Colors -> Active Objects -> Alpha 0%, which hides the active objects like crosshair, Ammo counter, etc.

Not 100% what I wanted, but also allows for a No-HUD (or LOW-Hud) experience.

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I am always for options but it has to be cheater-proof.