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There is no way to tell what server you are on after you join.
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When you join a server there is no way to tell what the name of the server you are in is called. It makes finding friends more difficult.


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Join any multiplayer server.

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Last time I checked, when you press and hold "P", you see the Server name highlighted on the top of the scoreboard?

If not, just learn to remember the simplest parts of a Server name - if a Server is e.g. called "[XC] SuperduperServer hosted Funtimes", tell friends to filter for "Funtimes" or "Superduper".

Like in the good ole days of Arma 1 and OFP, there also was no way of telling what the Server name was - people had to actually remember it, or write it down - is too much work today?

As explained by Helperman.