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Multiple Visual Animation Issues: Helicopters Edition
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I'll update this list as I find more animation issues. This is a mix of things I'm noticing now, and things that bugged the living SHIT out of me in ArmaII

*AH6/UH6 Foot Pedals Don't Animate
*All Helicopters: Rotor tilt/pan does not animate
*All Helicopters: Control Surfaces do not animate (What is it with you guys!)
*KA-60 Rotor Shadows sometimes Slow
*All Helicopters: Collective Zero, Sinks too Slowly (Or at least it feels that way, Never flown the real thing)


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Fly any helicopter, test control surfaces, bring to speed and watch shadows.

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Now, so I don't make you guys cry too hard, heres some super duper compliments, things i've noticed and LOVED:

The rocket launchers actually fire the rockets. You can see the missing rockets from the front, and the back, as you cycle through. <3

The mini guns drop accurate amounts of shell casings, and the tracers are beautiful. <3<3

Keep up the awesome work! Make the beta build like a full build, and make the full build a SUPER GAME!

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Pilots' NVGs in raised/stowed position clip through the windscreen of the Littlebird variants (M/AH-9).

Edit: Saw it in a Youtube vid ( but cannot replicate.

You should probably write this into multiple reports, so the devs can see the individual issues and dont have to read through the whole bunch.

As well, if you're sitting on the back of the MH6, you can't see the rear-end of the helicopter.

Please create one report per issue and make sure they haven't already been reported.