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Spawn killing problem + no low ping servers to test
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Seems there are no low ping servers available for Sweden at this time. 150 ping is not good enough to do any testing and was laggy.


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Live in Sweden and search for a low ping server.

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There seems to be no action available to stop players spawn-killing at bases? You spawn at an open area without cover and at the same point and naturally dye if not given a few seconds to take cover.

I was not able to find a server to play on for my area (West Swedish coast).

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And how has this to do with ArmA3 Alpha release ?

  • Spawn killing > Players sided problem
  • No low ping servers > Hosters sided problem

Perfect example why the reporter shouldn't classify the report himself:
"Priority: Urgent" -> Not for the devs.
"Major severity" -> Not for them either.

And Additional Information is not related - in any way - to the problem of the "issue".

This "issue" should be closed.

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Yes. These type of reports must just slow down the workflow of the ones trying to sort this all out.

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug.