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ifrit and HMG internal screens too slow and no zoom
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As the title suggests.. Have to use external views for gunner. internal view not much use, immersion squibbed.


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step into any vehicle with a gunner tv screen

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try the numpad 0 ?

All that (numpad 0) does is zoom in on the screen, however when you zoom in it cuts off part of the screen, the updating is slow and choppy. Basically while it is cool, it really detracts from the experience. I'm all for the fully modeled interiors, but I'd like you to be able to use the screen much like you look down the sights of a gun.

EDIT: I'm on a laptop and didn't have a NUMPAD so I went by the keybinding I had. I just had a chance to try it with NUMPAD 0 and it worked, however for those without NUMPADs it appears there's a problem with the binding to the second mouse button. You'll need to rebind the key.

Numpad 0 for me makes the whole screen the built in weapon camera. Maybe you've changed your controls?

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To elaborate on skyfyre's point, the attention to detail in the weapons of the arma games is part of it's main appeal and to have an element like this half useful would be a shame. Maybe it could be more like the tank commander view in arma 2 with various vision modes(nv/thermal/thermal inverse etc) but with the screen surround in view? ??

@EmperorJon is your gunner screen frame rate usable?

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when you press num pad 0 you go into full screen render camera only

when you see your surroundings it uses the PiP (picture in picture) witch is in ALPHA state and is very performance consuming!

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It is not the problem. Internal view is just like preview. Pressing 0 throws you to gunner's aiming mode. If you played arma2 you should know it.

Possibly because it is mean't to be like a real camera? so it is laggy to add a bit of realism?

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If it's set in 2025 I'd hope the weapons companys weren't using infrared imagers from the late 80's lol

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Ok numpad zero now works and frame rate is seemingly ok. Would be nice for normal internal view to match but this is better than earlier. Not sure what I changed but after a play with settings this is far more usable.

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug.