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Note DX Diag attached. Ammo boxes accessing weapons,clothing etc
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Accessing ammo boxes to change gear an weapons is it normal to only be able to drag weapons vs right clicking to to equipt? May have been a mission vs software issue not sure. But was experiencing an issue where i could'nt click an item to equipt, but in some cases an on other missions could right click say NLAW to equipt(would work) an right click NLAW ammo to rearm. Also clicking selected clothing an gear was'nt able to get to work, this may have been mission bug not really sure as it did work in another an may have been script related(user made-ammo crate filler script maybe. Also somthing else encountered was a wierd maybe (animation) bug shown in attached screen shot where all clothing an gear was removed an character was basically stuck suspended in air over dropped gear with in ability to control the player. {F17478}


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