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It would be nice to have either some more VON channels... ie AIR=work for all aircraft.. GROUND=work for all vehicles... Armour:- Works for all Tanks... etc.. or a simple 5 channel radio per side. So we can organise air on channel 1... trucks on channel 2.. etc



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ACRE MOD will fix it :P

I don't think devs will spend time on this since the actual VON works good anyways.. still upvoting because i'd like to have it in the base game too !

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prefer to have a basic non-acre version that is ingame.. saves having to explain to ppl how to setup ts.. it is the old thing of KISS


Although I love ACRE and TS, it should be a very simple thing for the devs to add a few extra channels.

/Besides, ACRE might be a ways off. I want air channel now.

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I see you can now make ten extra comms channels..thanks heaps.. it just needs to be tired to the radio that you carry and does not do a lot... I am still trying to work out how to mute people/channels using a script. Any word on that one ?

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

gonk added a comment.Jul 3 2013, 8:57 AM

I would like to add to this request... or I can make another
I have found these commands very handy..

I am after a command to automatically set the players VOIP channel to the custom channel selected. eg. Once the channel is created the player has to use the <> keys to cycle to the new custom channels. I am trying to make that process automated. Also, I am trying to locate the command to Mute specific players. A command to allow this would be very handy.