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Game crash when alt tabbing to windows
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I was in MP and I alt tabbed and game crashed. Chance it happens is 1 from 50 when going to windows.


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All logs you need are included in Arma 3 Alpha.rar

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How often did you have this crash overall?

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This was second time, sadly I deleted my RPT log after first crash, but It happens to my friends, too. Some of them can't even go to windows because their game crashes every time.

Alt-Tabed 178 times in a row and didn't crash.
Maybe some hardware related issue ?

Could you provide your dxdiag ?

seems to happen when steam community is enabled for me, fixed it by disabling it (could be related to something else too but that fixed it for me) after having 40+ hours played and probably a few hundred alt tabs (making a mission)

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Dxdiag is in attached rar, Kid.

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It looks like it's fine now I haven't any crash for long time.