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The two options available are DISABLED, and DEFAULT OFF. My request is to add a new feature, DEFAULT ON.

I'm a player that when I get into any type of vehicle, aircraft, boat, etc.. I double tap ALT to enable free-look. By adding the DEFAULT ON option it would save me and possibly others a double-tap of the keyboard by having the ability to free-look enabled by default when we enter a vehicle.


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This would be nice. I hate when my mouse moves a bit causing me to drive off the road.

I agree, I prefer to have freelook by default in vehicles. Though in a helicopter the mouse is good for steering. Since I use the freelook function on my mouse side button I have little issues to toggle it, but I'd prefer if I could set freelook by default in vehicles. Less button clicking, we have enough of this in ArmA.

muf added a comment.Mar 26 2013, 11:14 AM

Thanks for the feedback. Options of the control were changed to Enabled/Disabled recently (works in 0.52.103279), to reflect more clearly what they do.

+1 thanks for the clarification :-)

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Fixed in 0.52.102804

Mass close.