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AI controlled Vehicles can't cross bridge
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In Agia Marina (and probably all other areas with bridges) I notice that AI controlled vehicles can't manage to cross a bridge. I am very experienced with waypoints and have tried many ways to get an AI to drive across a bridge but they won't do it. They always go around it or go crazy.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Create an AI controlled vehicle on one side of a bridge
  • Set a waypoint to move to the other side of the bridge or even onto the bridge
  • Watch as they stop just before getting there and turning around to find a different path

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I have also experienced this myself while using waypoints. In general the AI pathfinding seems to be a bit off, with some getting stuck on objects in front of them when driving cars, and infantry taking longer routes when they could just walk 20 meters down a road to get to the destination.

confirm. they stop infront of brdiges and do not cross them/try to find another way around bridges.

same as at the start of arma 2 ;-)

Impossible to work with scenarios when vehicles can't cross the bridges or helicopters find H markers.

Covered by #0002887.