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No ability to control throwing object strength
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When in game and deploying a grenade or smoke, there is no level of control over how hard the player is able to throw the item. I believe this ability need to be place back within the game as it was in Arma 2. The ability to toss an time an obstacle is crucial, and the ability to control the force put into the throw is required to give the player the ability to place the item in a position needed.

Example: I am crouched down behind a half wall and being suppressed by the enemy. I need to move to another hard cover point through open ground. I intend to deploy smoke to cover my movement. I need to deploy the smoke over the wall a few meters in front of my position. In order to do this with the games current configuration, I would need to stand up so I would have Line of Sight with the area I wanted to smoke to land, thus exposing me to enemy fire.

In Arma 2, this is not an issue, I can simply aim my throw over the wall, hold the fire button for a second or two so it would gently lob the item in the aimed direction. In Arma 3 Alpha, when aiming up over the wall and pressing the throw button "G" it throws the item as hard as it can, and thus I've missed the area where I need the smoke to land.


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Attached are screenshots which show the angle a player has to aim up over an object to clear it, and the distance of where the object lands.

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Issue reported and solution suggested.

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