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Unable to pick up backpack from ground
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The problem I'm having is I've gone into the editor and am tinkering around with loading out my player character with the equipment I need. I discovered three is no box containing any backpacks or rucks. However, there is an option to place a backpack upon the ground, and various types/camos. When previewing the mission, I've found when I walk up to the item, it gives me an option to open it. The pack is empty, yet there is no option for my a character to pick the backpack up and wear it. I've even dropped my remaining gear that my character starts with and tried seeing if that would made a difference and it does not.


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Steps To Reproduce

Start the Editor.
Place a player controlled charter upon the map.
Place a backpack with the following options:

Side: Empty
Class: Backpack
Unit: Assault Pack [Black]

Preview the mission.
Approach backpack that is on the ground.
(Option displayed when close enough: Open Assault Pack [Black})
Roll mouse wheel.
(Option displayed: Open Assault Pack [Black])
Select displayed option to open pack and inventory screen.
No item is displayed within "Crate" or "Ground" for attaching item to personal inventory, nor is there an option for "Gear" before opening the Assault Pack [Black}

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Duplicate of #0002566.