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Character remains injured after med kit is used
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If you get injured somehow in the game, you are given one med kit to heal yourself with. but after using it the character still remains injured, making the whole med kit thing kind of useless if you still need a medic to heal.


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get injured, apply first aid, remain injured

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The IFAK every player has only bandages you to keep you from bleeding out. Even the medic kits don't quite 100% heal you.

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The first aid kit do what it's supposed to do : First Aid.

Adding First Aid kits that would totally heal players would remove the point of having medics in missions. However since bleeding was added in the game it allows you NOT to die from bleedloss while waiting for a medic.

@Wallace: I'm pretty sure the Medkit throws 100% heals with all the electronic stuff beeping.

Don't take my word 100% this may have just been something I'd heard from a friend, but I think I might have seen the devs mention that even medics don't quite get you to 100% because they have another step up in the chain of medical care planned.

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Once you take damaged, you're wounded. FAKs keep you from dying. It's not going to change the fact you've been shot/run over/fallen from helo/etc...

I think this strikes a good balance between simulation and playability.

I'm not sure how far they're taking the medical sim in this, but ace added alot in A2. I guess in your situation it'll only make things worse.

well then how are field medics able to heal you 100%? do they perform surgery in the grass and give you antibiotics and years of physical therapy all in 5 seconds? you only get 1 med kit anyway so it doesnt defeat the purpose of a medic. if you get injured and your medic has run off to the other side of the map, or your team is split up, then youre screwed. all im saying is give the player 1 free heal, then you can use the medic.

i have no problem with realism, thats the point im making. why bother even having the thing. and besides, if you shoot someone in the leg 3 or 4 times they just drop dead, is that realistic too?

if you dont agree, you dont agree, thats what these forums are for. smart ass comments arent necessary.

"i have no problem with realism, thats the point im making. why bother even having the thing. and besides, if you shoot someone in the leg 3 or 4 times they just drop dead, is that realistic too?"

Yes, if I shot you multiple times in the leg you would die pretty quick through blood loss.

well obviously but u wouldnt just instantly drop dead

and thats only IF you hit an artery, if you shoot a player 3 to 4 times in the foot or hand they drop dead too.

Sorry. Vote down on this. Keep your medic safe and alive.

I think the med-kits are only supposed to heal you partly.

To be fully healed, you'd need a medic/corpsman.

Marlon908 you are changing your arguments to something completely different. The topic was why there are Faks for stopping bleeding and medics for healing and not just medpacks that heal you.

You ask why there is a separation and not just one pack to rule them all.

As already stated the combat simulation includes medics who has the purpose of treating people. If everyone could pack medpacks there would be no need of a medic, but since the game wants to include this unit in the combat simulation it is they have included the distinction.

Now as you point out, yes shooting someone in the foot enough times kills the person instantly and no this is not real life realistic, but I don't that you can make that point argue that there shouldn't be a medic unit with the functions that are included right now.

It's a bit like saying "this thing is not completely realistic and therefore we shouldn't have this other thing that is partly realistic"

I guess it's about what degree of realism you wan't in a combat simulator.

OT: The way ACE implemented the wound system was very good, while still having room for improvements.

This is intended situation. First Aid Kit (FAK) can heal just part of your damage, Medikit (can by used only by medics) can heal all your damage. Bleeding is in the game, but it doesn't give you any damage, so you can't bleed out.

Closing as not a bug.