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Door Opening Direction Icon
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There should be two different icons for the open door action. One icon should show a door opening inwards (which the current one does), and the other should show a door opening outwards, each for doors that open in the respective directions.


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  1. Find door.
  2. View icon.
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At first it seemed that there was a pattern to opening doors: doors with handles on the left opened inwards, and doors with handles on the right open outwards; but this is not always the case.

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Good call. I get annoyed when opening a door knocks me off the patio. Especially when I'm in contact and trying to get to cover.


alternatively, make doors always open away from the player (unrealistic, but more convenient in CQB)

Doors should default to only opening 1 direction, but the ability to open both ways.

The reason is . . . so you can ATTACH an EXPLOSIVE CHARGE to the door & blow it open.

If a door only opens one way, the charge might not blow it open in a realistic manner. Adding the capability for ALL doors to open both ways, (even if it only defaults to opening one direction by hand), would help for realistic "breach entry" with shotguns or explosives.

I would like to see the doors modeled correctly, so that you can simply tell which way the door will swing by looking at it and looking at the frame around the door. Being able to stomp a door open seem nice, however I realize that it wouldn't work with doors swining outwards, unless you simply smashed the door in the process.

Opening both ways is the best, always away from the player... It is not realistic as mentioned, but if we really want a "real" game we have to wait for another 10 years...

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You don't need to compromise and always open away from the player. Just do what OP said and use an indicator. If it opens towards you, simply switch sides. Plus, there are standard building codes used IRL that dictate which way doors should open depending on whether or not it's indoors, outdoors and etc.