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World item rotates 90 degrees when shot.
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When I was in the editor to change my settings I shot the dirt area where you prone to shoot(You can see where i'm at with the screenshot) and it rotated 90 degrees and was stick out of the ground. {F17436}


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Load up the editor and make a playable person near the firing range at the airstrip and shoot the mats.

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This is just thanks to the damage system.

Happened in Arma 2 also, some objects fall over (Soldiers), sink into the ground (Buildings, Factories, Ammo crates after destruction), and some rotate 90° (like training dummies, Trees, Lampposts, Signs, etc.).

I think it was due to the fact how the items are placed and what type they are - if that type is set incorrectly, they dont explode/combust and sink into the ground quickly, but turn over weirdly.

Objects that didnt do this were sandbags and all warfare buildings.

But marketstands and other small buildings/objects did the exact same.

Probably not getting addressed.

Please let us know in note section if you are still able to reproduce this issue in latest Developement build.

I have tried to reproduce the issue and can't.

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This has been already fixed. i had this bug in older versions too, but now its OK. I think we can close this :)