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Improvised transport
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Infantry should have the option to attach themselves to vehicles in emergency "GTFO" type situations.

Several downsides could be put in place for riding on a vehicle by a means not originally intended (such as falling off, loosing grip, rolling around, etc) but if nothing else, it usually involves riding on the outside of a vehicle and, thus, not being protected from hostile fire, debris, or crashes.

See att. photos {F17415} {F17416} {F17417} {F17418}


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Not balanced you may be saying? Try riding into battle like that and see what happens =P

That seems quite difficult to do, in my opinion.

Not only that, but just imagine how you would select this option. Yup, the mouse wheel. May as well just enter the vehicle like a regular human being haha

I think the the situations he's talking about would be if there's not seats available, there likely should be a limit to how many can get on a vehicle like that, and issues that come with that(like a limited aim radius depending on how your sitting on the vehicle) and some vehicles I don't think you could sit on, like the hunter does not seem like something you could hang onto/lay on.

Awesome idea!

JNC added a comment.Mar 8 2013, 6:07 AM

Yea i'm not sure how it would be regulated.

We should be able to fire from vehicles but if any of those guys in pics started getting shot at they would likely all GTFO and find cover rather than immediatly return fire.

I mainly intended it for vehicles that do not normally support passengers (such as chopper) or irregular seating positions... but pilling onto a tank is cool too :D

Yeah, I'd get off REAL fast if I was on a tank being fired on, but there might be a situation where you main weapons are disabled but you don't want to abandon the vehicle. also, riding on the side of a would you get off if you were being shot at in the air? XD

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dont get shot at in the air, or hit gust of wind, or go too fast, or sneeze too hard. lolz

yeah, getting on vehicles would be complicated but would be worth the addition if they did, even if you basically just attach to the vehicle like you do on a mh-6.

Also, at the very least would be nice if you could climb up on a vehicle, something I got from a freind shows that just being on top of a vehicle will allow it to carry you, which would be a simple way to let you do this improvised stuff at least for ground vehicles.

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Interesting idea. Would love this in Escape Stratis. I'm not sure how this balances, but it would defnintely add to the personality of the game.

Maybe add to this a cargo/inventory system, so the lived in clutter is actually reflects what you're carrying.

JNC added a comment.Mar 8 2013, 10:49 PM

Added your friends pic goldblaze - awesome!

I know gear and such is commonly affixed to combat vehicles in various manners but that would take too long I think. And you wouldnt do that in battle, just moving between camps and such, otherwise you'd loose your things.

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Hanz added a comment.Apr 29 2013, 1:58 PM

This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

The most obvious example are pickups, which sadly are two person only transports. At the same time, Arma2 hatchback had the capability to carry an additional person in the trunk. Go figure.

A possible method of having improvised transports, would be to have two types of passenger seats in a vehicle: normal, as we have them now and additional, like in the proposition. Mouse wheel would have two options, "get in as passenger" and "get in as passenger (emergency)". The rest would work as it works now, with characters taking the seats in sequence, until the vehicle is full.