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Passengers just there to look pretty
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I know some people have also made posts about this, but I really would like to promote the urgency of this issue. When in a vehicle, just sitting as a passenger, you should be able to fire your weapon. I know that certain mods for ArmA 2 allow passengers of Little Birds to fire their weapons, but this goes beyond the little bird. When you have 4 people sitting in the back of a pickup truck, they all should be combat-capable. It makes no sense in a warzone to sit in the back of a car and just sit pretty while getting shot at. You should be able to use your weapon to suppress your shooters. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE add the functionality.


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Go in a Little Bird/Pick up truck.
Sit as passenger.
Sit Pretty.

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The ACE mod in ArmA 2 is able to add the functionality to the Little Bird; please add this functionality to all vehicles in ArmA 3.

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Yeah it would be nice, but they will find an excuse. "We dont want to make the game overly realistic", as one of the Devs said upon asked about implementing many ACE features.

Always the same old, same old - cant teach them to listen up, and the modders gotta fix it.

I could think of, that the passengers would need to be coded to act like "turrets" so they can look around and fire, and I dunno, but for them coders its possible, but for me, I'm just an *.sqf-code-god (means I'm good at scripting), and not a real "hardcode-coder".

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"I dont want to do something tooo good".... wth kinda answer is that?!

yea, there are several similar tickets, myself included

Ask the Dev's, I'd link you to the Topic, but it is in German.,46950,3009968.html

Excerp from it, roughly translated, from March 4th 2013:
GameStar: ACE is one of the most popular Mods for ARMA 2 . Did you work together with the Mod-Developers?

Joris: No, not directly. We see ACE as an addon for ARMA 2. We have our own views on the balancing between authenticity and realism, they [ACE devs] got theirs. Thats the great thing about mods for Arma.

In other words, who knows what all'll be taken out too, and what all we 'll never see... ah damn, I'm too pessimistic again, and forgot we are just playing the alpha version, damn me.

Anyways, I'd program it right away, but I'm not Steamhemia GabeNactive.

Just keep asking, BIS relies primarily on word of mouth to sell their games, making the user base happy will almost have to be a nessesity, now of course, there's certain ace features that ARE too hard core, but the ace mods will take care of those hard core things.

As a note, reason I don't think shooting out of windows and such in not OP, look at BF3 please, it works in that game, and you're ina armored vehicle!, shooting out a window will leave you more unprotected then that.

I'm not asking BIS to let us shoot out of windows; just out of open unprotected areas such as the back of a pickup or off the seats of a little bird, just as they have it in BF3.

I want to shoot out of windows as well, after all, they do that in war too, heck, a sniper rifle inside a humvee would be fun, evne if moving that thing around would be as annoying as heck(and resonably so!)

why is this listed as "crash" severity

Could be a mistake? I know I set a feedback or two incorrectly, can't change it after you make the feedback, which is a LITTLE silly in my opinion.

Indeed. Get it done.

Not a crash and also a duplicate. Guys please use search and if you find the issue/feedback/thoughts/recommendations , just vote for them a comment in the specific report. Do not create duplicate reports please