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Low fps,low gpu and cpu usage
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Hi there,me and a few friends feel that arma 3 runs very badly,even on goodish pc' running arma 3 at 1920 x 1080 res,high settings,and my specs are

amd fx 8350 4 ghz 8 core
8 gb 1335 mhz ram
GTX 560 ti 1 gb

Iv got a bad feeling this games going to turn out like arma 2,extremly unoptimized,which really will ruin this game,yet i feel it will be amazing if it can run well. {F17396}


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When I host a game, I will have good frame rates at the start, but it slowly gets lower and lower. The same goes for if I join a fresh game or an old one. The longer you play multiplayer, the lower your framerate. The game only uses about half of my CPU and 3/4 of the GPU, if that, even when the framerate is low.

I'm running the game with : intel I7 920 + GTX 560 TI 2Gb and 7 Go DDR3.
In single player the frame rates was around 60
in Multiplayer i have around 30 FPS and slowly during the game, my FPS goes down to 15.

I know you probably realize this, but I am going to say it. The game is an alpha. Generally, Alpha is the stage of implementation and major fixing. Don't get your hopes down thinking the game will end up badly like ARMA 2 did, utilization wise.

A lot of optimization will occur during the Beta, especially graphically, and with drivers definitely being out by then too. The game currently uses only the equivalent to 2 cores...and VBS is heavily dependent on CPUs, so I am positive, 100%, that this will improve eventually.

EDIT: There's already 2 big of these threads looming around here already. Try posting this all into one place so the dev's see.

Something tells me that this Alpha has some sort of memory leak in Multiplayer.

Because as you all have stated, in single player the FPS is a solid, consistent rate.

But then in multiplayer it's great! Then it's... average. After that it's just a mess of 10-20fps.

Nope. It has to do with object spawns and players joining. The more people, the more the game has to track, the more CPU usage.

Indeed. I barley hit 90% GPU usage.

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need more votes people!

100% usage in the menus on my gpu then 60-70% in game

By the way guys, ArmA isn't about GPU usage. Sure it will still use it's fair amount but you'll most likely notice your CPU usage is a lot higher.

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iv useing a amd fx 8350 8 core 4 ghz cpu,which is equal to some of the intel i7 chips and as you can see from the picture its only useing 1 core which looks like around 10% of my we will never know what its dependent on if it doesnt even try to use anything yano :(

I too have had problems with frame rates dropping the longer I am in a multiplayer game, did it quite a lot last night on different missions / hosts. Wasn't just the high population games and at times my game would freeze for 5 - 10 seconds or so, usually when near other players but only if I had been in a game for a while.

Post here. If everyone will concentrate on 1 huge ticket, rather than tons of tiny ones--realistically, more attention will be placed on it since it will stick out more.

This has been an issue in all of the Arma series, since the engine heavily utilizes one core instead of the eight available on your AMD processor. So then it comes down to having the fastest 1-3 cores (1 is heavily used, the other two carry some off-loaded processes), and with your specific AMD processor, they tried for having the largest amount of cores, not necessarily the fastest. That is why you're getting such low FPS.

Realistically, a higher-clocked tri-core CPU will before better in Arma than your octo-core CPU.

Also, to those of you that have stated that the game is only using half of your CPU, that is factoring in all of your cores. If you were to look at each core, one core will be overloaded (>85% usage), which is causing your FPS to drop.

A good indicator of your specific CPU limit is looking at your GPU utilization. If you have V-Sync turned on, and your FPS is locked at 60, then disregard this. Otherwise, if your GPU utilization is below 95%, that means something else is bottle-necking your system (most likely your CPU). If your GPU is maxed out (>95% usage), that means that your GPU is bottle-necking your system.

Also, for those of you that get low FPS in multiplayer, it's partially because of the immense amount of objects/connections that your CPU has to handle, as well as the reasons discussed in this thread:

This will be posted in other similar thread discussing performance, since it all seems to be scattered about. Thank you.

Use the fucking search function: this is a wasteland scripting issue. If you do not have the same fps problems in the Editor then go ahead and drop some dough on a dedicated server.

what is it with you and the watseland bashing? I think its shite too, but this happens on every single multiplayer mission, on every single server ive joined. was playing op_caged_bear.stratis last night on a decent dedi, started off running nice, and progressively got worse and worse 'till we abandoned the mission. I am the server admin, and I know how to set up a server as well.

Closing duplicate.