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ilegal flag put on map
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Please deleted no legal flag of catalonia, isnot a country.


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in the map, you can put a ilegal flag of catalonia.

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How is this a severe issue that requires immediate attention? Please use the tracker correctly so that actual problems get fixed appropriately.

Game is in 2035 by that time Catalonia is a country whit a flag. So no. "Catalonia is not of ilegal flag on map" - It's a game. Deal whit it.

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Can you point the flag or post a screenshot ?

Not a major/game breaking issue. I understand trying to be politically correct but lets try and prioritize issues.

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In my opinion not a bug, nor a issue. the flag may not be illegal in 2035, who knows. and why would it be illegal in the first place IRL? (btw it isnt. just checked, no illegality there at all)
Flag of the southern states in USA is not illegal (some call it the redneck flag) even though its not a real country or anything... only real illegal flag i can think of is the nazi-germany one...

minor issue - many others things need attention. And also, why NOT keep it - maybe in 2035 it is a own country. And another flag to have available actually adds to the game.

That is not illegal. Bohemia keep the flag.

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flags arent illegal in games, otherwise CoD among other games would be in trouble. get over it.

Catalonia has, recently, been taking steps towards independence. It's not unusual for futuristic, fictional media to take modern day political issues and run with them. This is not an issue, a bug, or an error. This is a waste of time.

If you feel some element of the game is inappropriate, take it up with customer support. The bug tracker is not the place for this.