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Xbox 360 Controller interface
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I used the Xbox Controller all through Arma 2, very successfully. I did have the keyboard in front of me for squad control and other various options but the Controller is now limited and hard to use. I found in controller config I could set the key board to use Arma 2 settings so very happy about that. Problem is when I pressed Y in arma 2 it switched from single fire to full auto and from there through my grenades. Now when I press Y nothing happens. Kind of a problem for CQB when I can't switch to full auto. I also have no way to switch to grenades with the controller or throw them. In 2 if you pressed Y and the grenade came up you used the right trigger to throw then press Y to switch back to your weapon. Really would like to see this fixed. I play with six other guys who are unhappy about this too since we all used the controller. Other problem is when sniping I don't know if there is a way to hold your breath when aiming using the controller. The left and right buttons on the D pad could be set to do this when you are in scoped view. Huge Arma fan I tell every one about these games and own them all. I can't wait to see this thing polished up and the final product.


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Use an Xbox 360 Controller and try pressing Y to switch from single shot to pull auto again to switch to grenades.

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Love the company love the game. Good job guys hope you get rich. You deserve it for taking some jail time for all of use in the community. I could not express how happy I am you were set out on bail and I want more than anything to see charges dropped.

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See #0000940.