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The Windows Are For Looking, Not For Shooting?
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Messing around on the amazing editor i created a neighborhood firefight at Agia Marina. During a shootout at the neighborhood 161780 ID i ran in to the nearest house and looked out the window to see 3 Opfor standing out in the open! i start bursting at them and notice they wont die.. i found out later that the windows make the noise of being broken but its still counted as an invisible wall. If you can fix it it will build a lot more realism to the game.

Thank you


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Neighborhood at Agia Marina ID: 161780

Houses in the neighborhood windows

won't break and can't shoot through

make destructible please!

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It would also be great if destructible houses and etc.

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Same as ticket #0002236

Duplicate of #0002371

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Still a good idea! Try searching for keywords next time you want to create a new topic. I've made duplicate tickets too.