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First my specifications:
i7 920 @3.32GHz (same results at stock 2.66 speed)
6GB Ram
2x Nvidia GTX 560Ti in SLI (also tried with a single card)
Resolution 1920 x 1080 @60Hz (1080p)

Now why with this hardware (higher then the Arma3 recommended settings) am I getting even less frames then I did in arma2? Isn't this game is suppose to be more optimised? Even in alpha stage I expected a lot more. On single player its playable at around 27-45 fps (still low) but on multiplayer even at lowest settings I get about 11-24 fps which is unplayable most of the time. also the game don't seam to utilise the full potential of my CPU or GPU usage, my GPUs are usually around 40% load. PLEASE FIX IT BEFORE BETA/FULL GAME OR I WANT A REFUND! just hope the next set of Graphics drivers + Arma patch helps

Also tried the same launch parameters that Arma2 had and don't seam to do anything to my fps apart from the -nosplash and -world=empty work that's all

I'm surely not the only person suffering with this?


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I can't believe your getting so worked up over something that you knew full well might have been completely broken, you said yourself it's an alpha, just report the issue and move on I'm sure it will be looked into.

In the mean time you can try updating your cards drives
if you have the latest try the beta

That's pretty weird, my system isn't that good as yours and I can run Arma 3 on high - very high without problems.

Do you have any programs running in the background while playing Arma 3?Like an anti virus or tune up software?
If yes, disable it and check if it increases your fps.

Also, I don't know if it's helpful/working in Arma 3, but try to add "-maxmem=4096" and "-cpuCount=4" as parameter.

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Have tried all parameters to no avail :( just going have to see if it improves with next patches and drivers like I stated. I have seen better optimisation in other alphas and to dylanplecki this is my feedback with my current specs so i hope the devs will implement a optimisation fix for this hardware get on with reporting your own issues with the game. and I only said I would consider a refund if its not fixed as its almost unplayable in its current state (and was never fixed in Arma2) and I expected better optimisation. But aside from my issues I think the game is awesome and will carry on playing and testing through the pain! after all its only day 2

Duplicate of #0000716.