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xbox 360 controller support.
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Need to be able to customize the pre-loaded scheme. I tried to customize controller myself, which isn't anywhere near user-friendly, and cannot get the weapons to fire. My character can move around and look, even reload. but when i try to shoot, it just sits there.


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try and customize the controller, You will find it to be very UN-user friendly.

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The only time i would even think abtou using a controller is when you fly planes or something, otherwise it is just..not good at all

Not looking for childish trolls. go find a forum board to rub Your balls on.

not at all what i meant, what i was trying to say is that the only time a controller should be used is when you fly with a chopper or plane, then it would help the player control it easier. You dont have to go all hostile 0.o

Is there any way to remove pointless posts from neglected children/trolls? Maybe I should just report him(or)her instead.

Duplicate of #0000940.