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ArmA 3 Alpha will not launch on steam
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I have tried at least 3 times to launch and nothing happens.

Only it starts up if i enable gamebooster.


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dxdiag & crash files if you have em.

Refer to the "How to" at the top right.

Please do thing mentioned above. Also close all other running program before running Arma 3. Especially if you have Xfire or Zone Alarm installed

dxdiag and arma 3 crash files included.

i dont run xfire or zonealarm

Please try closing all other running programs ( also please disable and close gamebooster) and then please try running steam and Arma 3 again.

Is this happening with any other games?

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This is also happening on my PC, there is no "crash" and no instance of the game running in task manager, all I do is click on Play in steam and then in the new window with the options of play Arma 3 alpha or launch in window mode I select play Arma 3 and then click the play button...nothing happens. I do not have any "game boosters" running only main processes essential to the running of the PC.

To start the game I need to try starting it a couple of times from steam then it will start after a couple of times.

All other steam games start fine.

Log files can be found here:


Timmo : are you using any custom steam skin?

yes I am actually, its called Enhanced Steam by TDD, im gathering you want me to try disabling it for the time being? ill report back

@millhauz launches just fine without gamebooster. doesn't happen with any other games.

@AJackson92 so the issue is now gone?

From what I heard people talking about in a stream at one point game booster seems to break ArmA 3.

Timmo added a comment.Mar 14 2013, 9:20 AM

@millhauz - game still occasionally doesnt launch even when using the default steam skin.

@Timmo ok then ,please create a new report regarding this issue using HOW TO GUIDE and provide files according the guide and also some steps to reproduce, We'll look into it
@AJackson92 any update on this report?

@millhauz the only reason that I started posting here is it seems like the same issue and I didnt want to start another thread about the same problem. My log files are above. Do you really need me to start another report?

Update: I have ArmA 3 running in the background right now. XtremeTuner plus and gamebooster is on. Launches fine.

I think though that one of the "play now" buttons on steam will not launch the game.

Exiting out of game. Gamebooster now back to normal mode.

Right now I am not running in dev mode.

Launch Option 1:
Ok now lets see which steam "Play now" options do not work. By going into the taskbar and then to notification area where you see the time and steam icon running. By right clicking on steam. Selecting ArmA 3 Alpha from the mini-list and then giving you the option to "Play ArmA 3 Alpha" or "Launch in windowed mode". Gamebooster enables game launches fine. Exiting out of game.

Launch Option 2:
This time...Going into steam browser. Select "ArmA 3 Alpha" in the left column where the other games are. Push "Play" then giving you the option to "Play ArmA 3 Alpha" or "Launch in windowed mode". Gamebooster launches. However no game launch. I think its a steam issue or something.

Update 2: Now I have gamebooster and xtremetuner plus disabled. I will being doing both launching options again. Launch option 1 did fine. Launch option 2 did fine.

Thanks for the update. As far as i can tell from your update, its either gamebooster or xtremetuner related. I recommend you contacting its developers with this issue as with those programs disabled, you are able to run the game without an issue.

Mass close.