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Modules for task creating don't work in multiplayer
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Modules that creatasks, description's and so on don't work in multiplayer exported missions. They work in SP, Editor but not on client hosted or dedicated servers. ISo it's not even possible to test if the tasks synchronise after player's death and for all clients.


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Steps To Reproduce

Place createTask module.
Synchronize whit player.
Save as multiplayer mission.
Go to multiplayer.
Select exported mission.
Briefing is not loading.

Additional Information

Possibly the synchronisation is only client side and/or is being denied by the "multiplayerooly wooblly googgly stuff". I don't know. But if this bug exsists on the current state then possibly if it worked the tasks stats could be desynchronized whit client/server so might want to check that out too if possible.

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UPDATE: It works only for synchronized group leader. Changing it to Synchronised groups or only objects dosen't change that. Will test whit trigger.
UPDATE2: Syncing whit triggers work. But it's not appearing in briefing stage only when the mission is started.

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Have experienced the same issue. However, running the mission the second time, all squad members got the briefing.

Tentative conclusion: Briefing only loads when the mission is in the cache?


This sounds like the same problem I'm having: Tasks, diary entry, etc, all parts of the mission briefing, are not transmitted to remote machines when I host a MP game.

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Like NkEnNy we also get the tasks working, but only after we die and restart. First time its a mess to the other players but the leader. It can show some tasks or no tasks to them.

Can't get any play other than myself (the host) to get tasks using these modules. Tried all options, group, individual objects, and objects within a trigger. Nothing works. The severity should be set to "major", the feature must be incomplete. It works for SP but not MP..

*EDIT* - I managed to get it to give tasks using the "objects in synchronized triggers" option, still nothing yet for the other 2.

Only problem with using the trigger one is it means players will not have any tasks on the briefing screen as Garbol87 said

Ringo added a comment.Apr 8 2013, 10:01 AM

I've seen the same. players who don't have the game in cache might or might not see the tasks and diary records. Mostly not.

Second start of the missions when it is in cache they all see it. I'm using the "Grouped option" for the tasks.

Beginning to sound like it might be another jip problem. Really hope this gets resolved, as tasks and briefings for jip players are long overdue. It would be ridiculous to continue to have to resort to community made scripts and solutions for so basic a functionality.

there any provision of this problem is solved and I can create my missions and play with friends without having to create and restart 2-4x the mission for all have tasks and briefing loaded?

Last I heard, this has been fixed.