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Player forced to obey AI leader disembark order
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When testing out the quad bike, every time I flipped, AI leader on my squad ordered me to disembark. If I stopped, I automatically followed the order and disembarked. After that leader immediately ordered me to get it again.

I always see AI commands more like recommendations, and only follow if I'm able and willing to.


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That's not per se a bug. It's there for things similar to SP & what not. Take control of the squad and you won't have that problem.

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Regardless, you shouldn't automatically be eject you from the vehicle. Man I wish I had that power IRL.. people getting into cars, "Hey you get out of that car!" Suddenly they are magically pulled from vehicle.

Regardless you shouldn't have an AI for an SL if you don't want to be magically ejected?

I had a problem with this. I was driving the vehicle and got KIA, then transported to my AI gunner and was forced by the SL to disembark - instant death.

He doesn't seem to have a problem with me driving, though. I just can't ride in the back or be a gunner.

This got me killed when an ai squad leader ordered me out of an ifrit in the middle of an opfor infantry squad.

It was designed that way. In real life you also must obey your commander and cant choose which order you will and which you wont obey.